Silly Sentences Vocabulary GameSilly Sentences Vocabulary Game

My students said this was their favorite game at our recent group lesson. It is very simple. Print and cut out all the cards. Put the vocabulary/musical expression cards in one bowl and the silly sentences in another bowl. Choose your sentences to go with your age groups. The first few sentences are good for younger children but  I didn’t use those with my older students.  You don’t have to use all the cards when you play  because you don’t want the game to be too long.

Here are the directions. Cut out the cards and put the sentences in one bowl and the music vocabulary cards in another. Make a list of the vocabulary words that you will be using for the group and post it so all the students can see it.  This is optional for high school groups.

The first student will draw a sentence card and a vocabulary card. Without telling the group the vocabulary word, he has to read the sentence using that musical expression.  Then students have to guess what expression is being used. Then you chose another person to be the reader. In some of the groups, the student who drew did not know the what the word meant. So I took him to a private place and told him the definition. That is fine with me, because a lot of students knew more vocabulary when they left than when we started!

This file contains cards for a Christmas season group lesson and another set for any time of the year. This is fun at a Christmas party! Have fun!

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11 thoughts to “Silly Sentences

  • Caroline

    Love it! A fun way to reinforce dynamics and articulation. Thank you!

  • A Cassil

    I used this a few weeks ago for my group lesson. The kids loved it! We were all laughing at how silly the sentences were. In fact, one of my students went up to read it, looked at it, and then looked at me and said, “Are you sure this isn’t a typo?” He was laughing so hard while he read it, we couldn’t understand him.

  • Rebecca

    I’m a bit slack with teaching italian terms so when I saw this I was very excited. Used it with my students yesterday and they thought it was the most fun in the world! The only thing is that no one could get legato… how do you speak ‘legato’??

    • susanparadis

      My students made the words long and ran them together. It was very funny!

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s been one of my most popular games so far this year so I’m glad your students enjoyed it, too.

  • LaDona

    What great timing. I had a group class last night and I tried this. It was a huge hit. Thanks.

    • susanparadis

      I’m glad I got it up in time! My students really enjoyed it, too.

  • Cristina Brown

    That’s a great idea for a fun game! I’m having a Christmas party / group lesson next week and I’m excited to have another great game to play with them. Thanks!

  • A Cassil

    I love this idea! I have already had my group lesson, but I would love to use this for my group lesson in January, if you have made the new ones by then. If not, I’ll do it later in the year. Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas!

    • susanparadis

      Please remind me to post some without the Christmas decorations!

  • Jennifer

    What a fun idea! I’m going to try it this week at Christmas camp! Thanks Susan!

  • Carol Dawn

    What a clever idea! I can imagine that this would be a favorite game. Luckily the musical terms don’t have to be translated!!

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