Skittles Staff Game

Skittles Board Game

This is a fun game that Cecilly thought up. I only made the cards and the game board. The objective is for students to identify notes on the grand staff. This is a good game for those of you with black and white printers. I made the game cards so there would be less cutting on your part but  you may have to adjust it for your printer.  Print one game board for each student. My suggestion if they draw “reverse” is to let them draw again before reversing the direction of play so they don’t miss a turn. Thanks, Cecilly for another great game. Here are her directions in her own words.


Prepare a grand staff board on poster board or something similar for each player. Prepare a deck of cards with Clef & letter indicated (Bass F, Treble G, Treble D, Bass C, Middle C, etc.) making multiples of these. Along with these cards, throw in some cards that say: Loose a turn, Take away 2 Reds (make a few of these cards with different colors too), Remove a Treble (or Bass) line (or space) note, Eat all the C’s from the player’s board on your right, Reverse, Skip, Eat a Skittle from each player’s board, Steal a line note (space note) from another player’s board and put it on your’s, etc. etc. (as far as your imagination will go).

 Give each student (or you and the individual student) a king-size individual bag of Skittles. Or you can buy a big bag and place them in a dish for all to draw from.

 To play, players place their boards on the table or floor in front of them with the Skittles & shuffled deck of cards in the center of the playing area (If your staff boards are on copy paper, secure them on a clip board for support. Decide who’s to start with that player drawing the top card and placing a Skittle as directed by the card or following whatever other direction is given. The card is then discarded beside the deck, and play passes to the next player. Reshuffle the discard pile into the deck as needed.

To win, the first player to have a Skittle on all their lines & spaces wins. Or the player to have the most covered at the end of the playing time wins.

This is a great way to test their note naming skills. Have fun.



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3 thoughts to “Skittles Board Game

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  • susanparadis

    Thanks for the additional instructions! -Susan

  • Cecilly

    Hey all, when you print out the cards, I’d recommend printing 1 set of the note letter cards (not the instruction cards tho) for each player. You need to have more letter name cards than instruction cards or the game won’t work so well. This game is best played with 3 or 4 players, but 2 can play as well. If only 2 are playing, remove the reverse and skip cards. Enjoy!



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