Snow Cone Signs and Symbols


The is the latest printable in my Summer Treat worksheet series. I’ve posted ones for rhythm and note reading, and now it’s time to review music vocabulary and symbols.  I think my students have had a lot of fun wondering what I would come up with next. They know they will not find out what the next “treat” is until they finish the one they are working on.

A teacher emailed to ask me what program I use to make worksheets.  I draw all the art  by hand in Photoshop, a program that I have extensive experience in. The text for this one was  also written in Photoshop, using the Text Tool. Over the years I have drawn music brushes of various music symbols,  so I don’t need to use clip art. Photoshop is a difficult program, so I do not advise piano teachers to buy it just to make this kind of worksheet.

I am saving up to upgrade my programs, (the upgrade I need is is over $1000) so *thank you* so very much for your donations to  this website!  To all the teachers who are supporters of my website, I really can’t thank you enough!

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One thought to “Snow Cone Signs and Symbols – a vocabulary worksheet”

  • Lee

    Susan, I’ve enjoyed all of your summer treat worksheets! This has me thinking about a “Summer treat” themed camp for next summer. We could compose some songs about summer treats, use these worksheets, and of course, play some games. I’m thinking D’Net Layton’s Ice Cream Keyboard Matching game would fit in nicely. ->
    A cool summer treat to eat on the last day would top it all off! Thank you!


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