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If you read this blog often, you know I am a big fan of Wendy Stevens, who composes, teaches, and maintains the website ComposeCreate.com  I have reviewed several of her books and pieces.

Well, Wendy likes to use the material that I post here as well as make her own graphics and worksheets. The  reason I mention them is because Wendy sent me some pictures of how she has organized the fish cards I’ve been posting. She gave me the great idea to put the cards in groups, so we can easily use just the ones we need with each student. That will save me a lot of time sorting through all the cards to pull out the ones I need. The students who might enjoy this game the most are probably too young to know all the notes, anyway. She put them in zip lock baggies and them made nice size labels with instructions. Check out her website if you are looking for more cute games, too. Go to the tab for Wendy’s Piano Studio and there will be a menu of her game ideas with pictures,  flash cards you can print out, and all kinds of teaching things.

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  • Anonymous

    I just want to thank you for your wonderful web site and the games, etc you share. I have been teaching piano for 35 years now and still learn new things all the time and ways to make teaching more enjoyable for me and my students. I loved your insight on parents wanting their child to take just for fun. I recently had a student quit and start with another teacher after several years because she didn’t enjoy practicing technique or doing her theory, she just wanted to play the piano for fun. It is hard to convince some that the more you learn and understand the theory behind it, the more fun it is! Your games are great, and I especially enjoyed the fishing ones as I did a summer music camp with an ocean theme. Thanks again


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