St Patrick's Day Composing

St Patrick’s Day Composing

In my never-ending quest to change everything on my website to portrait orientation, I have updated these two St. Patrick’s Day composing pages and put them together into one PDF file. It’s time-consuming, which is why it is taking me so long!

The first page is for composing on the staff.  I wrote a little poem and put the rhythm above the staff. The student can write a melody with bass notes, or just the melody.

The pre-reading page has the rhythm written above shamrocks, and they write the finger numbers of their melody on the shamrocks.

I always suggest to my students  to start and end on the same note if they want a singable melody and I suggest D using only white keys for an Irish sounding melody.  It is always amazing to me that some students have an innate ability to come up with a good melody! Other students write notes willy-nilly here and there and it sounds rather like me composing 12-tone music for a theory class. 🙂

Some students want to compose melody and accompaniment, so I suggest they start with fifths in the left hand and use D minor and C parallel fifths. If they get carried away and want to expand their composition, check out the staff paper I’ve posted that has a braced grand staff, measures, and bar lines. It’s one of the pages in this bundle.  Staff Paper Variety Pack

Staff Paper Variety Pack

If you don’t know how to print only one page in a PDF bundle, there is a tutorial in my FAQ.

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5 thoughts to “St. Patrick’s Day Beginning Composing

  • Cheryle

    I love all your composing activities! My piano students love the colorful pages and the opportunities to be creative!

  • Lynne

    These look really good, thank you ….. but why is there only a crotchet at the end of each line of the stave version ? would not a dotted minim be better?

    • Susan Paradis

      I made a typo when I was re-making them. I just changed the PDF to a dotted minim, but it will take a while to change the image in my blog post. If you have already opened the file, you will need to refresh your screen.

  • Robin

    Susan, thank you so much! I have two students who are going to feel musically mature because of this. I am rather in awe of your computer skills, too!

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome. I’m going to use them today!


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