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Staff for Magnetic Notes

One of my latest posts showed the magnetic notes with the wand that has been such a big hit with my students.

Magnetic Wand and Chips

The only problem is that while I have made what seems like a zillion staves, there was not one in all my files that fit the little plastic chips.  I set to work to make some because there are so many things students of all ages can do with the magnetic wand and the chips, and they love the wand. I have to admit I like to play with it, too.

I specifically made the staff I am posting today for my junior and high school students who  can use the chips to make major and minor triads, inversions, difficult intervals, and all forms of major and minor scales.  This staff  can also be used for ear training.

What is different about this one is that it fits my magnetic notes better. This is the inexpensive way for new teachers or those of you out in the missionary field to get some supplies for theory classes, because you don’t have to use the magnetic chips. You can cut out paper that you have on hand, and I have to admit I have done that in the past.

Some of you don’t have access to laminating machines, so see if you can find some clear vinyl to cover these staves so they will last longer.  This is what we did before the advent of laminating machines, back in the day!  [edit: Beverly posted a comment that she uses sheet protectors. When they get too marked up you can discard them. Thank for the idea!] I want to caution you, however, that some dry erase pens do not erase well on laminating material of any kind.  I have found that red, especially, do not erase well. The ones I am using now work if I don’t use red.

If any reader knows a brand  of dry erase pens that work well with laminated material, please post the comment here and I’ll update the post. Or send me an email. Pictures of your students using the materials are really appreciated!

(Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate.)

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9 thoughts to “Staff for My Magnetic Notes

  • Tami

    I have noticed that Vis a Vis markers work really well on laminated things and sheet protectors. They do require that you keep diaper wipes or windex wipes handy for erasing but they clean up really well. It does require your students to wash their hands after the game as they tend to get ink residue on themselves.

  • Carla in MT

    Susan, Thanks for the staff boards! and all you wonderful Ideas.
    For the marking pen, try using the Vis-a-Vis type pen that is made for overhead transparencies. Those are what I use to mark on plastics, and sheet protectors. A damp cloth erases them.

  • Elizabeth Pierce

    Thank you so much for all of you lovely posts. This is by far my favorite. I have been using these chips and magnetic wand with my music students for a while. I love the book “Music MInd Games” by Michiko Yurko and have found that her materials make music theory irresistible and fun for students of any age .I bought my “magic notes” and “magic wand” straight from the Music Mind Games website. You can also find them at most educational superstores!

    Thanks, Susan for solving one of my problems with the “Magic Staff” from Music Mind Games…I love the back side which allows me to continue my staff as long as I like! My students love to take melodic dictation using the magic notes…and we often run out of room and have to start erasing from the beginning. Now we can take melodic dictation all the way across the room!!! thanks again Susan!!! -eliz +:-D

  • Darlene Kliewer

    I love the magnetic strips you are showing. I have many laminated staves, but am wondering where you got the magnetic notes. I use colored stones, bottle caps and even candy, but would like the magnetic ones. Maybe I missed something in where to get them. Love your helps and when I see one in my emails I cannot wait to open them up to see something new. Thank you–

    • susanparadis

      The little magnetic notes are bingo chips with a thin metal ring around them. The wand is really the magnet. I have bought them at several places, but I can’t remember where. Check bingo supply stores on the web.

  • Heidi

    Where did you get the wand and chips. It looks like a great idea. I have tried several brands of dry erase markers on laminate and have yet to find one that works well.

    Thanks for all of your ideas. Your website is wonderful. My students and I LOVE it.

    Thanks again,

    • susanparadis

      I wish I could remember, but I ordered them from several places on the web. Other teachers have told me they got them at bingo supply stores.

      The dry erase markers that erase off of my laminated material were from WalMart and came in a pack of 6, and the brand is INC. The red does not erase well, but the other colors do. However, I do not let the ink stay on for very long. We erase it immediately.

      Thanks for your comments! I would love it if you would send some pictures!

  • Beverly Porter

    Susan, rather than laminating you could put this into a plastic sheet protector as I just did. You just replace the plastic if it gets too marked up.


    • susanparadis

      Beverly, was it you who mentioned this before? I keep forgetting about it. Sheet protectors are not expensive if you buy 100 of the thin ones from a discount office supply store. I am going to revise my post, so thanks for the suggestion.
      Is there a dry erase marker you like best?


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