Step and Skip Music Game

Step and Skip Game

I believe this is the first “computer-made” game I posted on my website to share with others.  It has been downloaded many times by music teachers all over the world. When I originally made it, I didn’t know how to combine PDF files into a multi-page document and I’ve always intended to fix that.

So I finally did!  While I was at it, I remade the art on the game board and the step and skip cards. Styles change, just like clothes, and I learn how to do things better.

If you have never printed the old Step Skipping Along game,  you might want to try out this new version. The directions are very simple. Even so, it is a helpful game that helps students recognize steps and skips quickly, and that makes them better sight-readers.


  • To recognize skips and steps on the bass and treble staves


  • All students who are working on steps and skips on the staff


  • Game token for each player
  • Game Board printed on card stock
  • Step and skips cards printed on card stock (fits business card stock, too)
  • Optional back for cards

Directions for 2 players

  • The first player draws and identifies a card as a step, skip, or repeat.
  • If it is a repeated note, the student stays in the same place.
  • If it is a third, the student moves his token forward, skipping the note next to the one he is on. Skips will be to notes of the same color.
  • If the note is a second, the student moves his token forward to the next note. It will be a note of a different color.
  • If a student draws an (optional) card with text, he follows the directions.
  • The first player who reaches “finish” is the winner.
  • The optional cards with written instructions speed up the game if you have very limited time.

Why I like this game

  • The directions are easy and I don’t forget how to play it.
  • It focuses on one skill: reading steps, skips, and repeats.
  • It is a very fast game that a teacher can play with a student in less than 5 minutes
  • It is good for all ages of beginners.


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18 thoughts to “Step Skipping Along Game Revised

  • Aleta Melashenko

    This is one of my students favourite games … They probably like many of your games, but this is a great one! Thanks for all the wonderful games you make available!

  • Jill

    Hi Susan – I LOVE your site and have for years!! I am having trouble downloading the ‘step skipping along’ game though. I want to print an extra board for myself, to play along with siblings. It just won’t finish downloading. I mention this because I see in this thread that you had computer problems. I don’t know if it’s my computer with the issues or what else I can do to have it finish downloading?! Thanks as always for all of your materials for us teachers, and our students!

    • Jill

      Ha ha!! As soon as my comment posted, I was able to download and print it!! I did try numerous times though, so there is/was a problem.

    • Susan Paradis

      Jill, I am so sorry you had trouble with this but I’m glad you were finally able to download it. I checked out the file and I see no problem with it that I am able to fix. There are so many reasons why a PDF will not print correctly. If you ever have a problem again, let me know and maybe I can help you trouble shoot it. It could have been a problem with the server that I pay to host the site, and for that I just have to wait for it to come on-line. Maybe that was the problem.

  • Garry

    Hi, wanna say thanks! I tried this game with my son, he liked. And I had no problems with printing. Thanks again!

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome, Garry. With all the website trouble I’ve been having, I’m glad you could print it!

  • Denise Thompson

    My students all love this game and I will remake it with the changes ASAP. Also wanted to share with you how much we liked the robot game. I even purchased some little robots that were party favors. The kids got to pick out their favorite one to use as a game piece! Thanks again for what you do.

    • Susan Paradis

      Thanks, Denise. I hope you don’t have problems printing it.

      You know, my students love RoboRama, the robot game, too. It’s a little different, the rules are flexible, and they love the part when they try to knock over the other robot. And you can make it a fast or slow game, depending on how you make the rules. This week I’ve been using it with older students to identify key signatures. For some reason, I didn’t make all the key signatures, so I’m going to go back and add some.

      Thanks for the feedback! It really makes a difference to hear what teachers have to say!

  • KathyG

    Susan, This looks like a(nother) great game. When I go to print it, I click to print page 1 and I get what looks like one teensy part of a giant game board. When I click for page 2, I get a page with flashcards. Somehow I have the giant setting but regular printer. What am I doing wrong?

    • Susan Paradis

      I re-made the PDF, so it should be the right size now. You can print either “Actual size” or “Fit”, whatever works best with your printer. And you should not see the giant notes when you print “Actual size.” Computers are so complicated!

  • Bryceson Schwartz

    I just recently started teaching piano lessons on the side to help pay some of my tuition bills and I’ve been looking for something fun like this to use with students. Great idea! I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Tasha

    I have a giant slew of beginning staff readers, so this is perfect timing! Thank you!

  • Sydney Enders

    Can i order this from you; a completed set?

    • Susan Paradis


      This is a free digital download!

  • Marilyn Brennan

    I don’t have any students right now that need this game but that changes all the time so I will certainly file this! It’s simple and genius all at the same time. Thank you!

    • Susan Paradis

      Marilyn, Glad you like it and thanks for the comment!

      When you’re in a lesson and need something fast, who has time to look up how to play something! At least, that’s my experience. Besides, I’m not able to think of very complicated games. I can’t even remember how to play the games I make up, and my students find that very funny!

  • Sharon Hall

    I have soooooooooo appreciated this site. This time around, I have been teaching piano for 4 ? years….and have decided to retire at the end of this month. Your ideas and products here have enhanced my teaching ability. My students love the games and other things you have shared with me. Thank you again, for being so generous…

    Regards, A retiring great grandma

    • Susan Paradis

      Sharon, how very nice of you to think of me and thank me now that you are retiring! So you are a great grandma! What an inspiration you must be, and how many insights you must have about teaching children. Even though you are retiring, I hope you keep in touch!


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