[New Update, April 11: I am happy to report that the new version of Sunny Solos is now available. I did an extreme make-over on the book! It is now in portrait orientation! This will make it a lot easier to put in your student’s binder. I was able to keep the staff and notes the same large size as before, and the duets are still on the page, as well as the color art. If you have purchased a copy of the first version, Sheet Music Plus will be sending you an email with how you can download a copy of the new book! I would like to thank everyone for their patience with this matter!]

[Update, Friday, April 5 PM: I am very sorry to announce that Sheet Music Plus was not able to post my book in landscape orientation. The program they use put it in a very squished portrait format. I am working with them to get it resolved with a new version of Sunny Solos that will work with their software. It should be up after Wednesday, when they update their website. If you have already purchased Sunny Solos, they will be sending you a coupon for another copy. Sheet Music Plus asked me to relay how sorry they are about not being able to offer my book in landscape. They are going to do everything to make it right for all the teachers who ordered it.  When you try something new, there are bumps along the way. We will get it fixed as soon as possible!]

I am so excited that my piano book Sunny Solos is now available for immediate purchase on Sheet Music Plus as a digital download! This book covers the first half of most primer level method books and contains 21 eight-measure pieces with lyrics and teacher duets. These are pieces for students who are just learning to read on the staff.

I use this book with all of my young beginner students, and I think it fills a void for the younger student who needs some beginning, on the staff, supplementary music. I also use it for transfer students who have finished their primer level method book, but are not quite ready to go on, and really need a review of the first half of the primer level.  For example, Car Pool uses only two notes, and students are so excited they can play it right away.


If you have a transfer student who can only play in C-position and you want to move them into one of the newer level one method books, Sunny Solos helps with that transition. Many of the pieces gently introduce them to music with their thumbs in other positions, in an easy-to-play way. For example, in the following example, their right thumb is on D, and students hardly even notice. 

G Is Such a Happy Note

I purposely left off a lot of finger numbers, and when I need them, we write them in. I find I never need to write in too many, but a few finger numbers helps the insecure student. I do not want any student to get frustrated while using this book!

If you purchase Sunny Solos, be sure to print it in landscape orientation.

More Sunny Solos is coming soon!

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12 thoughts to “Sunny Solos Is Now Listed on Sheet Music Plus

  • Robbin

    Oh, my goodness, Susan! These are perfect for my students who are progressing slowly! I just purchased your book with the idea of using it for one particular student. I realize after seeing the songs that I have half a dozen students who NEED this music! Thanks so much! I’m going to be purchasing additional copies.

    • susanparadis

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know!

  • Stacey

    Looks great, Susan! I just purchased! Looks like great supplemental material! I just accepted 2 sibling transfer students into my studio, and this looks like it will really come in handy for them!

  • Carol Adeney

    Dear Susan,

    Ordered two copies and printed them out. Despite setting my printer to landscape, they printed out (both times – second time went in and reset the printer to landscape to make sure) in the portrait mode.

    Can’t use them that way. There is no option on the pop up menu itself to change the printer orientation. There is also no option to only print one page. The test print (which I used) is not of the Sunny Solos book, so that was not helpful.

    Have emailed about the problem.

    Glad you have made the book available. Now if I could only be able to use it!!!!

    Sincerely, Carol

    • Whitney P

      I had the same problem. Anxiously awaiting their response! This looks just perfect for my young students!

      Susan, thank you for making it available!!!

      • susanparadis

        Whitney, Carol, and anyone else who has had trouble with Sunny Solos,

        Sheet Music Plus is having trouble with the landscape format of my book. They have asked me to resubmit it in portrait orientation so that their software and print it correctly. After the revised version is posted, they will be sending coupons to everyone who purchased the book, so you you can print the correct version for no charge. They have assured me they want to make everyone happy. So I have to make a new version and submit it to them, which might take 10 days. I hope it will not be that long. Naturally I am very stressed out about this, but hopeful that we can work things out. Fortunately, More Sunny Solo, my next book, which should be online in a week, is written in portrait orientation, so this should not occur again. I am very sorry for the mix up, and hope that soon your students will be enjoying Sunny Solos in the correct version.

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  • foxxpianostudio

    Congratulations Susan! Sounds great! 🙂

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  • fame1444

    Congratulations, Susan!

  • cynthia

    Very nice. Looks like fun.


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