Big One Staff Flash Cards

Big One Staff Flash Cards I’ve thought I’d take some time to let you know how the updating of my teaching resources is going here on Piano Teaching Resources.  First of all, it’s a big undertaking to re-do and repost more than 10 years worth of printables, and I’ve been working on it for three years. I […]

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Mini Flash Cards
Small music flash cards

Mini Flash Cards Years and years of flipping flash cards for the One Minute Club has left its toll on my old set of mini flash cards. I needed a new set, and while I was at it, I made a few changes. I moved up the placement of the staves so that my thumb […]

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Flash Cards

I don’t use Big Flash Cards all the time. I limit it to about a month or 6 weeks in the spring. Since flash cards are so boring, I turn it into a contest and that makes it more fun. Although each student buys a set a flash cards, sometimes they lose them during the year. So […]

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