Make a Keyboard Puzzle
Put Together a Keyboard Puzzle

Sometimes we explain a concept to students, they understand, and it’s done. But it doesn’t always work that way. I remember asking a student something and she said, “Mrs. Paradis, I have never heard of that in my life.” This was a second year student and she wasn’t one of my early childhood beginners. So […]

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Throwback Thursday Fishy Fish
In this cute matching game, students music match notes to the corresponding rest.

Fishy Rhythm Matching Cards Fishy Fish is a cute music rhythm game for beginning music students. The objective is to match rhythm notes with the corresponding rest or note value. I am posting this for Throwback Thursday as the last in my series of games for beginning students. I almost forgot about this and maybe it […]

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Throwback Thursday Rhythm Pizza

Rhythm Pizza When I first posted Rhythm Pizza it was one of my most popular printables. Teachers from all around the world wrote to me about how using this hands-on approach helped teach rhythm values.  Over the years it seems to be forgotten, buried in long ago posts. You can find the original post here.  […]

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