Throwback Thursday Fishy Fish
In this cute matching game, students music match notes to the corresponding rest.

Fishy Rhythm Matching Cards Fishy Fish is a cute music rhythm game for beginning music students. The objective is to match rhythm notes with the corresponding rest or note value. I am posting this for Throwback Thursday as the last in my series of games for beginning students. I almost forgot about this and maybe it […]

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New Recital Certificate
Certificate for Recital Performance

Recital Certificate A couple of teachers asked me if I had a recital certificate to match the recital programs I posted a while back. My first thought was to find it on my site and send them the link, because I knew I made one. Alas, it wasn’t on my site! But it is today! […]

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Fishy Scales Revised

Fishy Scales Several years ago I posted these cute fish as a motivation for my younger students to learn scales. Another teacher gave me the idea, and it has proved to be lots of fun and very motivating for my elementary students. There are two colors of fish, one for major and one for minor. […]

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