New Recital Certificate
Certificate for Recital Performance

Recital Certificate A couple of teachers asked me if I had a recital certificate to match the recital programs I posted a while back. My first thought was to find it on my site and send them the link, because I knew I made one. Alas, it wasn’t on my site! But it is today! […]

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Our Buggy Friends – a Note Story

Ladybug Note Story Note stories! Some students love them and some hate them. The students who don’t like note stories sit there in silence when you give them one. I’ve noticed these are the students who don’t know notes very well! The students who love them kind of bounce up and down or at the […]

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Fishy Scales Revised with a Very Sad Minor Fish!

Fishy Scales If you’re not using Fishy Scales to motivate your students to practice 5-finger scales, cross-overs, or octave scales, you might want to try this out for the new teaching year with your elementary age students.  They are recently revised after a suggestion from one of my students to draw the minor fish “sad-looking.” […]

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