Find the Starting Note

Find the Starting Note Level 1 Find the Starting Note level 2 [Find the Starting Note, today’s Throwback Thursday, is a set of pages to help students find their hand position and was originally posted about 10 years ago. Since for the past few months I’ve been posting some info and material to help students […]

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Throwback Thursday • Rhythm Review Levels 1-3
Rhythm Review Levels 1-3

Rhythm Review 1 Rhythm Review 2 Rhythm Review 3 Today I am re-posting some free worksheets to review rhythm concepts. These are kind of like a mini exams so teachers know what their students have learned and retained from the rhythm concepts we have taught them. They tests notes and rests from quarter to whole, […]

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Welcome to My New Website

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my newly designed website! We’ve been working really hard over the last month redesigning my site and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you today! You can now subscribe to my newsletter (click on the side bar) where I will send out occasional exclusive content and updates on my […]

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