Find the Starting Note

Find the Starting Note Level 1 Find the Starting Note level 2 [Find the Starting Note, today’s Throwback Thursday, is a set of pages to help students find their hand position and was originally posted about 10 years ago. Since for the past few months I’ve been posting some info and material to help students […]

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Throwback Thursday Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Composing Activities
Mother's Day Composing Activity

Mothers Day Composing Activity Today’s Throwback Thursday includes two old favorites, Mother and Father’s Day composing activities on and off the staff, and of course they are free! They were originally posted about nine years ago, and I’ve revised them over the years, putting both the pre-reading and on-the-staff versions in one handy file! Every year […]

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Throwback Thursday – Robot Practice Chart

Robot Practice Chart Today’s Throwback Thursday is a very fun and colorful practice chart for students to use at home. I made it so that there are enough spaces to check off practice for three months. If you use a practice chart, it might as well be cute,  colorful, and appealing to the students who […]

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