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Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Sale
From November 24 until Monday, Nov. 27, all the books in my store are on sale for 30% off. Plus, the complete bundle of the practice incentive Music Money is also on sale.

Books on sale include:

The books in my store rarely go on sale! All my music comes with a studio license, so after you save it on your computer, you can print as many copies as you wish to give to your students. You can also download it to your iPad or mobile device.

This is your chance to try printable music, if you haven’t before. You will find it is so easy to always have it on your computer, ready to print when you need it. You can print individual pages from these books, or have them made into books at your local copy shop.

All of these books are great for giving to students who have finished their primer book but need a little extra review before they are ready to move on. Plus, students love the fun lyrics and colorful art on each page.

They are also good for students who are “stuck” in middle C position and need some easy music to bridge the gap. They can be used as supplementary books to stretch out their method book with more material, or as sight reading material. Most of the books include duet accompaniments.

Take this opportunity to stock up!


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More Sunny Solos-the Sequel

More Sunny Solos

Well, I have to admit publishing my books on Sheet Music Plus has been quite an adventure. After I found out my first book, Sunny Solos, was printing all squished up, I stayed up all night reformatting it in portrait orientation. Like most primer level books, my original Sunny Solos was made in landscape orientation, but that did not work with Sheet Music Plus’ software, and no one noticed it until I started getting email from my readers.

Fortunately, the sequel to the first book, which my students happily and quite originally named More Sunny Solos, was already in portrait orientation, and as of today, it is available at Sheet Music Plus. [This time I actually bought my OWN book and printed it, just to make sure it was printing correctly. I used a PC, running Windows 7 and Google Chrome.]

Here is a little information about More Sunny Solos. It takes up where the first Sunny Solos leaves off. It has original color art drawn exclusively for this book. There are 19 eight-measure pieces with teacher duets, as well as a certificate, table of contents, and cover page. The focus of this book is to practice, in a fun way, the concepts students will need to be successful in their next method book. Here is the first piece in the book.

My Robot

The piece, Where is My Soccer Ball, reviews a tie over a bar line. 

Where Is My Soccer Ball

Do you ever have a student who finishes their primer method book, but you just don’t think they are ready to move on to the level? This is a good book for them to have fun and grow a little before they go into their next book. I also use it to evaluate transfer students, as a supplementary book, and as a sight-reading book.

Here is a link where you can see both books. Thank you SO very much for your heartwarming support and encouragement! If you have a printing problem, please use the contact number on the Sheet Music Plus website and I’m sure they will help you resolve it. If you previously bought Sunny Solos, be on the lookout for an email from them with a coupon code to buy the new version.


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