Why Are You Sleeping? – A Fun Trio with Acting!
Why Are You Sleeping is a piano trio for one piano 6 hands that requires some acting by the players!

Why Are You Sleeping Comic Trio GREAT FOR RECITALS, GROUP LESSONS, AND MUSIC CAMPS! Why Are You Sleeping? trio is a humorous, kid friendly take-off on the traditional round Are You Sleeping. Written for three students at one piano, it works best with students who love to ham it up and are not afraid to over-act. This arrangement is […]

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Wendy’s Piano Camp

A picture I took of the inside of a Steinway My friend Wendy Stevens is a very creative music teacher and composer. When I found out she had a lot of fun at her summer music camp, she agreed to answer some questions and let me share some of her ideas with other teachers.    Where […]

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