Rhythm in the Grid Poster
Throwback Thursday is a weekly review of free material from Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a set of posters from 2008 that has helped a lot of students understand difficult rhythm values! Rhythm in the Grid is a set of two posters showing how to count sixteenth and eighth notes. I made this “pre-computer” many years ago, and it has been helpful with many students. This is […]

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Rhythm in the Grid

Rhythm in the Grid Rhythm in the Grid is a way to explain 16th note counting. I made this “pre-computers” years ago and it has been helpful with some students over the years. This is a great way for visual learners to learn the concept of how to count subdivided beats. Recently I re-made it and […]

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Rhythm Circle

Rhythm Circle I made this years ago, but I recently polished it up with new colors, so I thought I’d post it. Every now and then a student will have  trouble seeing the relationship between notes. I have made several worksheets to help with this. Sometimes I tell them it’s like a big pizza that we’re […]

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