Terms of Use for Free Downloads

Terms of Use for Free Downloads

What are the Terms of Use for your material?
All the music, graphics, art, text, design, source code, and all other aspects of this website, www.susanparadis.com are protected under copyright by Susan R. Paradis. The free download material on this website may be used by teachers, parents, and students for their personal use or for the benefit of their students. Teachers may print out copies for their own students, but no material may be resold or redistributed in any other way without permission from Susan R. Paradis. Commercial use of the material on this website other than described above is prohibited.

The music, graphics, art, text, and PDF images on this website may not be posted on other websites. Rather, you may post a link on your website to direct back to www.susanparadis.com.

Can I use your art and/or music on some of the things I make for my students?
No, I own the copyright of the art and music and it must be used only in the form that is downloaded from this site.

26 Responses to Terms of Use for Free Downloads

  1. Jaclyn Crandall

    Hi Susan,

    I tried to download the board games (halloween, scarecrow stomp and lady bug) and the file would not pull up. Are these games available somewhere else? They look so cute and I would love to use them with my students

    • Susan Paradis

      They are working fine on my end. Maybe if you wait and try another time of day you will be able to download them. Each game on that page has a blog post where the file is also located. You can do a search that way. You can also Google: Susan Paradis lady bug game or whatever game you’re looking for.

  2. Eloísa Marcondes

    I loved that website. I started to cry with joy when I opened this site. I’m brasilian music teacher, and I use your games with my students.

  3. Kimberly Ault

    Hey Susan,
    Love your site, I use it for everything and have bought everything you have. I have a request though. Could you please make full octave fingering scales for natural minor? I see harmonic but not natural minor. Thanks!

    • Susan Paradis

      They were created in a format that I no longer have available because they are very old. I can’t just modify the ones I have. I will have to start all over. It is on my to-do list!

  4. Jenna

    Thanks! I recommend your website all the time!

  5. Janet L. Johnson

    I would like to thank you for your work. I am new to your site. I’m in preparation for my annual recital in June and I have been looking for pre-reading material for one of my new students. I was able to download two of your valentine pieces but I was trying to download the play set 2 and was unsuccessful. Thanks again

  6. Huge, Huge thank you, I am in the UK and have set up my own music teaching practice after 23 years of being a school teacher, and I am so grateful that you have put UK versions of your amazing worksheets and games. I teach mostly guitar, ukulele and piano, and the games are fabulous to play with younger pupils. Once again thank you- I love computers, but do not have your skills or design flare!

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you Allison. I try to remember to make both versions! I appreciate your kind words, but as far as my design skills, well let me just say I’m like the music student who is just average, but sticks with it so long and practices so much, they finally can do something! And that is how I honestly feel! I just keep plugging along and learning as I go, so don’t give up if you want to create your own material.

  7. Tracy

    Lovely. You can see you put a lot of work into you stuff. Thank you.

  8. You just spared my sanity as I am just starting to teach music as a volunteer and don’t have enough time to create everything from scratch. THANK YOU for all you have provided!!! Plus, your stuff is ADORABLE!

  9. Heidi

    Lovely materials, and thank you for sharing.

  10. Melanie

    Dear Susan

    Can I just say your resources and website are awesome and a great help to me as I am just starting out teaching piano. You have some great ideas which I woud love to use. I would like to use some of your resources for my students who I teach in a school. Am I able to hand them sheets to complete as homework? I am presuming this would be ok as I am not employed by the school but am a private peripatetic teacher doing 1-2-1 tuition?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards

    • Susan Paradis

      Melanie, you may use them with your students in your school, but printed out. Please do not share PDF files with other teachers or parents. You may send them a link. Please leave the copyright visible. Thank you for your interest.

  11. Alison

    Congratulations on making my work easier and fun to teach little ones to learn the notes. You have some great ideas.

  12. Joan

    Hi Susan,
    just wanna say thank you for the wonderful materials you have produced.
    I have started using them in some of my music classes to help learners visually remember notes. Not sure how I can credit you for it . So decided to leave a note.

  13. sharon

    Hi susan
    just wanted to say how much i love your site and resources you so graciously provide. i have used the major/minor scale print outs in my own leaning and i am now trying to teach a beginner student and your material has been invaluable.
    thanks again

  14. judy

    Gracias profesora por tus enseñanzas, me gusta el piano estoy recien precticando pero tengo nervios cuando toco delante de kis padres a pesar que souy una persona adulta, aun asi le estoy nuevamente agradecida, soy peruana y mis saludos desde aquí.

  15. Jill

    Thank you so much! These are great ideas and sometimes a life saver with a 4 year old student! You are brilliant!

  16. Susan Baugh

    I would like to use your Key Signatures Worksheet in my class. I teach in a public school. What is your policy on that?

    Susan Baugh

    • Susan Paradis

      Susan, it is fine to use printed copies in your classroom, but not to share the actual PDF file with teachers or students. Please leave the copyright on the copies you use. I have been making a lot of black and white resources for school classes, so feel free to use those, too!

  17. can i reccomend your website on my blog?????

  18. Bernice Tamkin

    I am interested in possibly using some of your music as pieces for my students to perform for National Piano Guild. Is this acceptable to you?
    Thanks, Bernice Tamkin

  19. Anonymous

    I have included your website address in the Northwest Suburban Music Teachers’ Association’s monthly newsletter. We are located in the Northwest suburban Chicago area. Your blog is impressive and very well done.

    Deb Lynch, newsletter editor and Vice-president of Illinois State Music Teachers’ Asoociation.

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