Terms of Use for Purchased Downloads

What are the Terms of Use for your material?
All the music, graphics, art, text, design, source code, and all other aspects of this website, www.susanparadis.com are protected under copyright by Susan R. Paradis. Some material requires that the user purchase a non-exclusive Studio Use License to use the material.  Licenses are granted only to the person who has paid the licensing fee.

  • Studio Use License – The purchase of a Studio Use license allows the license owner to copy and print the material as many times as required for use in their studio and for the student to practice outside of the studio. The material can not be shared with other teachers in the same school or studio without the purchase of an additional license for each teacher.

License owners may use the material for their personal use or for the benefit of their students. No material may be resold or redistributed in any form excluding the teacher’s students. This includes electronic distribution. Commercial use of the material other than described above is prohibited.

Can I use your art and/or music on some of the things I make for my students?
No, material must be used only in the form that is downloaded from this site.

I have a question about acceptable use, who do I contact?
You can contact Susan at susan.paradis@gmail.com