Easy music crossword puzzle for beginners.

Thanksgiving Music Crossword Puzzle

Today I am posting a cute Thanksgiving crossword puzzle with easy music vocabulary words. There are twelve beginning music words with my “vintage” hand-drawn turkey in the background. The vocabulary words are usually found in beginning piano method books, so they should be simple enough for your first and second year students.

New teachers often don’t know what to do about lessons the week of Thanksgiving. Should they make them up, refund tuition, teach some students but not the ones on Thursday, and so on. Sometimes they email and ask me for suggestions. What I did for years was have group lessons for my students on Monday, grouped by age. When they arrived, I would give them a fast fun sheet to work on while everyone arrived, such as the crossword I’m posting today. We would play games, play for each other, and sometimes have a snack. That changed when our school district started giving students the entire week of Thanksgiving off, and no one was around that week. I modified my calendar to fit, and I have a group lesson/party in December.

It is always a good idea to let parents know about lesson variations before they sign up so they know that the group lesson takes the place of individual lessons that week. But my parents thought it was a great idea, and it gives the students an opportunity to practice performance skills. Sometimes when my studio was really big, I had students who could not come on Monday, so I had an overflow day on Tuesday with mixed ages. That turned out to be better than I thought, as the older students were mentors for the younger ones.

I made this crossword puzzle really easy because last month I posted a pumpkin crossword puzzle that is slightly harder and has more words. I think it can be used for Thanksgiving, too. Since the words are at the bottom of both puzzles, students feel comfortable doing them.

I hope you have some students who will enjoy it!

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2 thoughts to “Thanksgiving Music Crossword

  • Patti

    My students enjoyed this take home theory sheet. One of my students wrote, saying, “I want more of these.”
    Thanks for helping me engage my students.

    • Susan Paradis

      Tell your students I plan to make a Santa crossword!


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