The Boy Who Didn't Like Halloween

The Boy Who Didn’t Like Halloween  $3.99  Two Versions, Three Scores Included

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Level One Version mp3 with Duet

Students Love Halloween Music!

They also like funny songs. The Boy Who Didn’t Like Halloween is a child-centered piece for students from first to fourth grade. I wrote it like a ballad, so I tell my students it is a song to play on the piano. The words are funny and my students laughed out loud.  I based the words on things my students have said over the years, so I think they can relate. Of course there is a happy ending!

As a side note, I tried so hard to remove the 8th notes from Level One.  But since the words are the rhythm, I just couldn’t make it work. And frankly, this song is all about the words. I suggest if the 8th notes are bothersome in the Level One version, either teach the rhythm by rote or change the eighths to quarter notes.

Two Levels Are Included 

I thought several of my students at different levels  would enjoy this, so I wrote it in a Level One and an easy Level Two version. The versions are in different keys to fit the levels. I also wrote a teacher duet to go with the Level One version. But instead of writing a hard-to-read duet on one staff that even my parents with years of piano lessons have trouble with, I wrote it on two staves so that it is easy for parents or an older student with a few years of piano to play along.  Also included in an ink-saving cover which I put on the front page using the “fast” setting on my printer to save even more ink. I think a little art helps with artistry. Please note that the accompaniment (duet part) is for the Level One version only, but both versions are stand alone pieces that can be played solo at recitals.

This is a studio license, so a single teacher can make unlimited copies of each level. 


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5 thoughts to “The Boy Who Didn’t Like Halloween, Two Levels with Duet

  • Ellen

    This piece is a perfect Halloween treat — fun and challenging but not TOO tricky! 😉 We are so pleased that the piece comes with two levels, so our child can enjoy it and be challenged by it in future years. We love it!

  • Beverly Conway

    Was this a digital? I received an email from PayPal that said I hadn’t given instructions to the merchant. Now what?

  • Jennifer

    Very cute Susan! Just bought! While all my students already have their performance piece for this year (Halloween Festival is really early this year), this will be a great supplemental piece to give out and then of course there is always next year too!

  • Diane Lifferth

    I’ve put several items in the shopping cart, but can’t find how to get to the point where I pay and get the items. Help!

    • Susan Paradis

      Diane, I sent you a private email with instructions. If you have any more trouble, please reply to that email and I will offer more help!


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