I’m trying to finish my worksheet on flats that goes with the Simple Sharps. In the meantime, I thought I’d post this song. I had a student who could never remember the names of the bass clef lines or the sentence Great Big Dogs Fight A-lot. I even tried the one I used as a student, Good Boys Do Fine Aways, but that one is even harder to remember. So I said we could just turn it into a song, and when she came back to her  next lesson, this is what I made up. I put it in my book More Sunny Solos and now all my students learn their bass clef notes this way. I didn’t know what to call it, so I just call it The G B D F A Song. When I posted this song on my web site, it was downloaded a lot, so maybe other students around and about are using it too.

I haven’t  thought of a song for the treble clef line notes!

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One thought to “The GBDFA Song”

  • teresa R Bonzagni

    Susan — HI
    looking for your G B D F A song. your page is giving me an OOPS…..
    Teresa Bonzagni


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