Music Alphabet Cards

Music Alphabet Cards

I made this work sheet so students can arrange the music alphabet starting at any note, going forwards and backwards. Younger students, especially, have trouble going backwards, and yet it is important that they know what is a step below a given note. This is always hanging in my piano studio and it helps them so much. Plus, there are so many games and activities you can make up using these cards.

You should print several of these for students to arrange the music alphabet, write white key 5 finger scales, arrange the music alphabet backwards, and anything else you can think of. If you print 2 copies, students can start the music alphabet at different places. Plus, they learn A comes after G.  This is good to use at the first lessons when students are just learning the music alphabet.

Every piano teacher should keep a set of these cards handy!

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3 thoughts to “The Music Alphabet

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  • susanparadis

    As long as yours gets the job done! I love Photoshop and try to use for it anything I can.

    Thanks for the suggestion to use it on a poster board staff. I haven’t used one for a while, but I think I will with my new student. I have some foam board sitting around that I’ll use.

    I covered my alphabet cards with transparent book cover. It really made them pop out and I think they will last longer.

  • Rebecca

    Yours are much cuter than mine! Mine are just black Times New Roman letters. I use them for the same thing you mentioned. I also use them on a poster board staff to help learn where the notes go on a staff.


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