Rhythm Review Levels 4-6

Rhythm Review 4

Rhythm Review 5

Rhythm Review 6

Today I am posting levels 4-6 of Rhythm Review, a free set of rhythm worksheets. There are three levels in this set. Click here for levels 1-3. 

As you can see, the difficulty increases quite a bit. The first page reviews eighth notes and rests. The second page adds 16th notes and rests. Level 6 adds triplets, more 16th note patterns, and 6/8 time signatures.

The levels, which do not correspond to piano methods, are in books 2B through 4 of most method books. They are labeled at the top left hand corner. To help sort the pages when I get in a hurry, each level is a different color. To download these free printables, click on the titles above.


  • review late elementary through early intermediate rhythm concepts
  • discover the rhythm knowledge of a transfer student
  • use with instrumental students who often learn rhythm concepts faster than piano students
  • test the knowledge of piano students who are moving up into a higher level method book
  • review concepts for theory tests or similar exams.


  • These sheets are age neutral and may be used by all ages.

To download these worksheets with UK rhythm vocabulary: Go here and scroll down. 

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