Turkey Find the Bass Notes

I made a worksheet I call Help Turkey Find the Notes to help students learn the bass clef.  You will see this same turkey in some other worksheets I plan to post!

Anyway, it has turned out to be a fun worksheet for my students. One student was laughing while she did it and asked if I had any more like this. She actually said it was fun, I guess because of the silly turkey.  I have been giving it to students while they wait.  I don’t spend much time on worksheets during the lessons, usually.

I like to share  with my  teacher friends in cyberspace who might have a band student who only knows one clef. Or maybe your students are weak in the bass clef, like some of mine. Also, I drew this worksheet in black and white for those of you without color printers or classroom teachers who can’t print in color,

I’ve been getting some great suggestions for games from other teachers and I hope to get them posted soon.

Today is election day. It reminds me that no matter what our political views, language we speak, or our religion, music and our dedication to our students is our common bond. Teachers from all over the world read this site, some even using translation programs. Connecting with all of you has been a real blessing to me. If you would like to drop me an email, my address is on my original web site, along with my bio. Or you can leave a comment on this blog.


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One thought to “Turkey Find the Bass Notes”

  • Wendy

    Hi Susan,

    I love this worksheet! I can use this one, but I’d definitely be able to use one that had only beginner notes (bass F to Treble G). 😉 Thanks for posting this!



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