How to draw key signatures

Down a 4th, Up a 5th

Yesterday I said I would post the companion to the sharp key signature hand-out, and here it is. [Edited: The PDF now contains both handouts.]

Many teachers have their students  take standardized theory tests such as the Royal Conservatory test,  the National Music Certificate Program,  and tests given by various affiliates of the Music Teachers National Association. My students take the Texas State Theory Test, and other states offer one, too.  In my opinion, this is a good thing for teachers to add to their studio. While it is extra work, it really pays off. You have the guarantee that your students are prepared for whatever musical path they choose. Even if you think your students are not that serious, how do you know what they will want to do with music in the future?

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2 thoughts to “Up a 4th, Down a 5th

  • Laura

    Thank you – I’ve never seen this explained carefully in the kids’ theory books. Very helpful.

    • susanparadis

      I have found there is more than one way to explain it, and some students need more than one way! Thanks for your comments.


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