On the staff Valentine composing activity

Valentine Composing Activity

This Valentine composing activity is a great way to promote composition in your studio. If you have been using my materials for a long time, you know that I have posted a lot of composing sheets like this for younger students. I have already posted a pre-reading Valentine composing sheet, (see graphic below) but I’ve never posted an “on-the-staff” version, so I’m doing that today. If you have beginning young children, try the pre-reading version. All they have to use are finger numbers, and they love writing their own music.

To print, click on the links, open the file and print all you need for your students.

With the rhythm already written, students only have to do is decide on the melody notes. On today’s staff version, they can write a melody divided between the hands, or a melody for one hand. Some even like to try an accompaniment. It depends on the level the student is comfortable with writing.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you can speed the process along by helping the students write the notes. I suggest when writing notes, use whole notes and then later go back and correct the rhythm, because it seems to take young ones a long time to draw and fill in quarter notes, if you know what I mean!

There is nothing like writing music to know how much students are learning!

Valentine Composing Activity


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6 thoughts to “Valentine Composing Activity


    Thank you! I have students who want to learn to compose. Thank you Thank you. I love your ideas. They keep me thinking and growing as a teacher.

    • Susan Paradis

      I’m glad you can use them and I hope it inspires them to compose. And thanks for the very warm comments!

  • Sara Sheerin

    Thank you so much for this enriching activity! My piano kids are loving it.

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome, Sara. I’m glad it’s been a hit with your students!

  • Leila Viss

    These are great, Susan, and gave me perfect material for my group classes. Thank you!

    • Susan Paradis

      Leila, thanks for taking the time to let me know, and thanks for recommending my Valentine material on your fantastic website 88pianokeys.me

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