Name the Valentine Notes

Name the Valentine Notes

I had a request for this Valentine worksheet and it came from one of my students. Young students love holiday inspired activities, which is why we do so many of them.  It is starting to be a tradition that I will have notes for different holidays and she wanted to know when I was doing Valentine notes.  I was planning on making this anyway, but the time has slipped up on me. Valentine’s Day will be here very soon so I thought I’d better post this now so you can use it this week.

In making this worksheet I tried to make one that could be used with the notes somewhat in order, or mixed up, like a lot of students need. So if you do this *with* a student (and I encourage that for the young beginner) you can move up and down or you can do all the bottom rows and then all the top rows. Or you can find and circle guide notes. Another fun way would be to make a game where someone calls out notes and students cover the hearts with candy or a token, like some of the earlier ones I made. I think Hershey Kisses would be fun in the Valentine colors you can find right now. With some of my students I plan to start with guide notes and then try to find the ones up and down from there.

I am going to laminate mine and use dry erase markers so I will only have to print out a few copies.

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One thought to “Valentine Notes”

  • LadyD

    Last week my beginner students played this game and enjoyed it because they were good at it. The right hand notes were easy for them to recognize. This game makes such good practice for them to know those notes in the l.h. The heart notes are so cute!


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