Valentine Card Rhythm Hunt

Valentine Card Rhythm Hunt

I made this last year, using a Valentine variation of the Quarter Note Hunt.  All of my younger students played it at their private lesson the week of Valentine’s. They liked it so much we also played it at our performance class.

Students should be familiar with the rhythm names of notes. If they are beginners and are not secure in the names yet, use the game as a way to teach rhythm identification. It is a fast way to learn the names of notes.


  • review rhythm note names by sight
  • quickly identify rhythms under pressure
  • play a fun, seasonal game in less than 3 minutes


  • Younger children, ages 5-8

Materials Needed

  • Printed Valentine rhythm cards, cut and folded, but not laminated
  • stop watch or mobile phone timer


Print and cut out these Valentine rhythm cards and fold to make a tent card. Before your student arrives, place the cards around the room with the heart side facing out. Call out a rhythm value, such as “quarter note,” and start the timer. Have your student quickly find all the notes of that value. If you have time, your students can hunt for other note values. Depending on the age of the students, don’t hide them too carefully or they will not be able to find them! It is so much fun to watch them quickly run around the room looking for notes!

Children love this game. It can be used at an individual lesson or with a group.

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3 thoughts to “Valentine Rhythm Hunt

  • Becky Baker

    Susan! I want to tell you how successful this game went in my group classes today! My students absolutely LOVED this game! After they collected the cards around the big room we were in, I had everyone come up to the front and we lined up by age. I told them I was the “Bar Line Queen” 🙂 and we were going to make a LONG composition together in 4/4 time (5/4 for my 4-6th graders). Each student took a turn and put down a card and we all counted the beats up together (with me putting bar lines down when needed). I had a student in my youngest class ask if we could play our composition on the piano! I suggested that we clap out the rhythm together and that worked great!

    Thanks so much for posting this game – soooo much fun!!!

  • LadyDpiano (@LadyDpiano)

    I will use these for the kindergarten class. Perfect for February, thank you!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks, Lady D. I am always a little behind, but I’m glad I got them up in time for you to use them.


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