Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and some easy valentine one page pieces are now in the store. Children love holiday music and these are a great way to help with sight reading or just have some fun. Two individual bundles are available, pre-reading and easy on-the-staff level. There are seven pieces in both the pre-reading and on-the-staff bundle. There is something for each of your younger students. ❤️Grab them here in the store. ❤️

Pre-reading Valentine Bundle

The Valentine Pre-reading Bundle includes seven easy to play pages of pre-reading music just in time for your students who started piano at the beginning of the year. Two of the pages can be played on the black keys at the very first lesson. The other pieces have the melody divided between the hands in middle C or “near middle C” position. Educational markings include large finger numbers, letter names on every note (except the black key pieces), and color coding for the left hand notes. Each note has a note name on it! A tutorial on how to play pre-reading music is included for parents who want to help.

On-the-Staff Valentine Bundle

The Elementary On-The-Staff Bundle is a fun way for students to improve their sight reading skills. Seven one-page easy valentine songs written on the grand staff are in this colorful bundle. They are all primer level except one which has 8th notes. At least one hand is on middle C in all of the songs. They all include finger numbers, lyrics, and illustrations. Most of the pieces are newly composed or arranged for this level, and two are revisions of old favorites. They are good for transfer students who need extra help or students who learn fast and need more material for sight reading. Head over to the store for more information and to see previews. 



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