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About five years ago I made a poster to welcome students back to music lessons. I got the idea from welcome posters on the web for regular classrooms. My students really liked it and it’s been very popular on my site. If you downloaded the old one, it might be time to replace it with this new poster for the music room! I used various musical instruments for this poster and it’s a free download.

I think most music teachers want their students to feel safe in their lessons. Sometimes things can get tense when students are embarrassed, frustrated, or mad at themselves. Teaching music can be delicate, because there is a fine line between asking students to try something challenging and pushing too hard. And every student is different. Some students are so quiet and passive that I really don’t know what they are thinking! And then there are the little ones who are so comfortable they let you know too much! There was one who would flail himself on the ground and sob that it was too hard. He was very dramatic. I just had to channel that into his playing.

But I hope that my students feel safe in lessons. I hope that they are not embarrassed to tell me the kind of music they like because they know I won’t tell them their favorite music is no good. I hope that they feel it’s OK to tell me they haven’t practiced, or that they really don’t like the piece they told me two weeks previously they “really” wanted to play. Everything is fine in the music room. Music teachers have to be the most patient teachers in the profession.

This poster is free, but I want to mention some new and on-sale teaching aids in my music store.

I finally finished revising Notes in the Fast Lane, a 16 page progressive set of pages and charts to time how long it takes to write notes on the staff. $4.99

The really cute 16-page Kitty Calendar is ON SALE for $3.99. This academic calendar set doesn’t have music graphics on it, so it can be used for any subject.

The Studio Calendar in 2 versions ($1.99) is included in the calendar set above, but some teachers only want this 2 page version.

The editable Binder Cover and Key Signature Chart to match the calendar has been added to the store. You can easily add student names. $1.99

The very popular incentive Music Money is on sale for $5.99.

Two new piano lesson flyers|advertisement, including one with tear-off tabs. $1.99

Thanks for shopping in my store. It helps support this website! 

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