Welcome to the Music Room Poster

Welcome Poster

Last year I saw a lot of cute posters on the web to welcome students back to school. You might have seen some like this that use a sentence after ever letter in the word Welcome. I didn’t see one for music, so I thought it would be fun to make my own version for music classes.

I remembered how much music meant to me when I was a student. For one hour, all I thought about were the beautiful sounds that were created in that room.  (I’m thinking choir here, not my piano playing!) I hope my students in band, choir, and orchestra have the same wonderful experiences I had.  

I want my piano students to know they are safe in my studio.  There is no pressure to like a certain kind of music, or be embarrassed about anything. I’ve had students tell me they really love Broadway music more than  popular music on the radio, but they don’t want to share that with their peers.  I want them to feel free to make mistakes, or able to confess they didn’t even open their piano books this week because they were so busy with school projects. Come into the music room and get away from everything. Everything is fine in the music room.

Notice this design matches the polka dot theme I’m using this year. I had fun drawing the little swirly at the bottom. I couldn’t decide if I should leave it in, but then the whole design is so over-the-top!

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22 thoughts to “Welcome to the Music Room

  • Lee

    I cannot even begin to say how much I love this printable! I teach K-5 music and have a piano studio. This is exactly how I felt about music class and piano lessons as a child and exactly how I want the children that I teach to feel. Thank you!!!!

    • susanparadis

      Lee, thank you so much. I’m glad we feel the same way about music.

  • Priscilla Moffett

    By the way Have you all seen today’s Google search artwork???
    pretty awesome!

  • Christy

    LOVE IT!!! You are amazing!

  • Priscilla Moffett

    What a nice expression of your music experiences growing up!!
    How lucky your students are to have you as their teacher/mentor.
    Thank you Susan!!! lovely art work too and I love the squiggles.!!

    • susanparadis

      Thank you. I’m glad you like the squiggles!

  • gloliver2013

    What a beautiful way to express the environment created in my piano studio. Thank you, Susan!

    • susanparadis

      It’s good to know you have the same ideas about music lessons!

  • Betty Lawson

    Love your heart for the students and teaching! It is a wonderful example to us all!!!

    • susanparadis

      Betty, I’m sure your students love you! You are such a kind person.

  • Lavinia Livingston

    Susan, I treasure the artistry you share with us, and your creativity…I can’t create like you do so your openness to share enhances my studio and reaches out to my students as well. This poster will be at my front door as well as to the entrance to my studio. Thanks so much.

    • susanparadis

      I will actually be very thrilled that you liked my little doodles enough to put them on your front door, too!

  • Anna Fagan

    Thanks, Susan! Love having all of this stuff that matches. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together!

    • susanparadis

      I love to match up things. Glad you like it, too! My student’s look forward to a new theme each year. Guess what the One Minute Club cards will look like!

      • Priscilla Moffett

        Susan, years ago I found a game idea in a book…called Blast Off! Bingo
        It had cut-out -(archaic!) rocket ships that had 3 sections 2/4 3/4 and 4/4 time
        below the section line were 3 or 4 (? can’t remember #) lines with 2 measures of rhythm – whole, half -dotted half and quarter notes combos.
        I made strips of rectangular paper to cover each 2 measure section, if the rhythm heard is on the card. After I played each example twice and asked
        who had that rhythm and please clap it back (saying “half-note– whole-note-hold-it” etc…..) then everyone in the group clap it back. When there were mistakes, we would talk about listening and slowing down…..elaborated on lots of things .really.
        This game was so popular – the kids absolutely LOVED IT!! Just wondering
        if you have come up with a similar game…(mine got lost in my last move)
        but going to Google it now…..thanks
        Maybe someone out there will know what I am talking about. .. Several of us
        in the Cypress Creek MTA (Houston) used it…….

        • susanparadis

          Seems like I’ve heard of that game!

          • Priscilla Moffett

            Well, I just purchased one made by a teacher in Australia but low
            and behold…there is no main Bingo Card!! and the little cards are just black and white….boring…. web site is “teacherspayingteachers.com I think
            The cards are ok – think you could make large bingo cards for the kids
            to cover with the correct rhythm?…well, am still looking

          • susanparadis

            What kind of Bingo game is it? I’m working on several, but it takes time!

          • Priscilla Moffett

            trying to figure out the cards and correlation to teacher’s sheethttps://us-mg6.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.rand=bkrtdjie9hhlf#mail this was my confirmation of purchase you can see the site

      • Priscilla Moffett

        Susan, I don’t know how to just send you an email…was just at hobby Lobby today and got the foam board for your great Pizza Puzzle (fractions) but could not find clothe’s pins for the alphabet game/activity _ got all the cards printed and laminated and tested on one student this week..she was mesmerized!! love it! where are the clothes pins??? I am 69 years old and running around to different stores is a killer.

        • susanparadis

          Pricilla, you can buy clothespins at any grocery store. Look in the section where they sell laundry detergent. I really prefer the wooden ones, but the plastic ones are cheaper. Other places that always have the plastic ones is The Dollar Tree and Walmart.
          To contact me by email, open the blog at http://susanparadis.wordpress.com/. Then at the very top, click contact. There you can send an email to me! Let me know if it works!

          • Priscilla Moffett

            I wrote a note through blog- but it didn’t seem to go…..let me know if you got it…I clicked send twice…

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