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Last year I posted What the Robin Said to the Worm and this year I am posting What the Worm Said to the Robin. Ok, the worm is a little slow! Better late than never.

I am trying to finish up the summer binder that I plan to give my beginning students.  I want to include some simple pre-reading pieces to play,  since this is all about playing the piano.

How is your pre-school binder coming along? If you don’t have a student to use this with now,  you might want to print it anyway and start a binder for the future.  If you are like me, by the time fall rolls around you will forget where on the web you saw it!

In the poll  I posted last week, pre-reading pieces received the most votes, so in addition to this new piece, I am reposting some that are in  my student’s binder. Below are the easiest I’ve composed.  My student just loved Right Hand, Left Hand and played it over and over! I am working on some more that I will eventually post, but this is a very time consuming job.  Teachers also suggested some note learning printables, and I actually have made one for the summer which I hope to post soon.  It’s not too late to take the poll.

You will find many more pre-reading and easy on-the-staff songs on my website, if you look under the Music menu and take the time to scroll down. They are scattered throughout the Music menu, and some are more difficult than others.

I am working on one like The Fourth of July for Canada Day, so all you Canadians can check back in a few days.

If anyone has questions on  how to teach these pre-reading pieces, send me an email and I’ll  post instructions  here on my blog.

Thanks to all of you who have donated to keep my website going!

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  • Ian Williamson

    I like the fun and highly graphical approach – great for the kids !



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