Will You Be My Valentine

Today is Throwback Thursday and Valentine’s Day is coming up. To celebrate, I’m re-posting this free Valentine sheet music solo for young children. This year I thought I’d post it a little earlier so your beginning students can have more time with it. This is a free one page sheet. The link is at the bottom of this post.

Today I am posting a new Valentine’s piece that I wrote just for young children.  It is in middle C position, (both thumbs on middle C) and it has no skips, just stepping notes in each hand. If you’re not an experienced piano teacher, but like to work with your young child at the piano, you may be interested to know that notes that move from one finger to the next are much easier for beginners. Most piano teachers wait until students have mastered stepping notes before they move into notes that skip fingers. That is not something I knew when I was a young teacher. Back before there was no such a thing as piano pedagogy, we learned on the job! I’m sure a lot of my readers can identify with that!

This will be good piece for sight-reading or just something fun the week of Valentine’s Day.

Click below for the free download.

Will You Be My Valentine

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3 thoughts to “Will You Be My Valentine

  • Robin Steinweg

    Susan, thank you for your continuing generosity!

  • Susan Paradis

    Sometimes if you try to download something right after I post it, there is a lot of traffic and the PDF times out before it can download. You might want to try at a less busy time.
    The other thing is to make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader. See my FAQ’s for the link.
    Another idea is to try using another browser.
    I actually can’t do anything from my end because all I do is post them. Maybe you have a friend or relative who can come over and help!

  • Diane

    Hi, Susan, Unfortunately, I have been unable to download your latest offerings/postings. I have been using your materials – I don’t know what started this problem. I do get downloads from others. Any ideas? Many thanks! Diane


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