Wings On Ice

Wings on Ice $2.95

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When I asked one of my students what her favorite sport was, she didn’t hesitate to say, “ice dancing.”  She said she had never skated on ice, but she just loved to watch it. I wrote this for her and I was so glad she liked it. She was a wonderful young musician and she played scales effortlessly, but sight-reading was sometimes a challenge. Fast forward about ten years and she plays the piano for her church.

Recently, I took a good look at this piece and decided I could do more to make it easier for students to read. I changed a lot of things from the original version. It is in C Major, with scale fingerings in the right hand and two-note slurs in the left.

I’m now happy to announce that this revised version is newly released in my store. It is an accessible piece, good for students who learn by ear. I think it is one of those pieces that sounds harder than it is, but I will let others decide that. Use it in recitals or festivals, or just for fun.

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One thought to “Wings on Ice – Early Intermediate Piano Solo”

  • Allen

    Susan, This is a beautiful piece! I have given it to three of my students. They fell in love with it. Why do you like this piece:
    3rd grader: I can see and hear the girl skating.
    Adult: It is beautiful.
    5th grader: I like the way it sounds.

    Well written!


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