Alphabet Keyboard Clothes Pin Keyboard Cards -Piano Keys

Alphabet Clothes Pin Matching Cards – Notes on the Staff

I had so many requests for this keyboard version of the Alphabet Animal Clothes Pin Matching Cards. I think it’s because most of us get new students in the fall, and one of the first things we want to teach them is the name of the piano keys. When I give workshops, I list about 10 ways to quickly teach keyboard names. Now I have another activity to add to my arsenal!

You can try this with all elementary ages. However, sometimes a graphic representation of a keyboard is too abstract for preschool children. You will have to guide them more and sit at the piano to help them out. Children also forget from week to week. This activity is something teachers and parents can do to reinforce what students learn at the lesson. I also think it’s a great way to evaluate how well they have learned the keyboard.

Click the caption under the picture to download the two free PDF files.


  • To quickly identify the names of the keys on the piano keyboard
  • To work on eye-hand coordination
  • To strengthen the fingers
  • To enjoy a hands-on activity


  • Children ages 5-8


  • Regular size clothes pins
  • Animal Keyboard  Clothes Pin Matching Cards, printed on card stock and laminated or covered in clear vinyl, and cut out


  • This activity is for one student, but can be modified for more than one
  • The teacher gives the student the cards and a supply of clothes pins
  • The object is to attach the clothes pin on the correct name of the piano key

Why I like this game

  • It does not require a lot of preparation
  • It is fast and can be played in a few minutes
  • It helps to strengthen the fingers a little


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7 thoughts to “Alphabet Animal Keyboard Clothespin Matching Cards

  • Denise Klemp

    I had so much fun developing this game. I immediately could see using “animal” clothes pins! I printed an animal faces clip art page, cut the animal faces out, painted the clothes pins to match and glued the animal faces on each clothes pin. They turned out so cute! I’d love to attach a picture but don’t know how.

  • Cassie C.

    I have used this for several students, ages 3-6! Boys and girls. Everyone loves it! It is a great reinforcement tool. They take it home to practice too! I hear many stories of these students teaching their relatives and friend about the “doghouse” and (in my studio) the “zoo.” 🙂
    Dollar Tree usually has the plain wooden clothespins. But I enjoy using a thicker binder/kitchen clip from Dollar Tree. They are colorful also. And they take a little more muscle and cordination to work. The kids love them!

    • Susan Paradis


      I’m glad your students like them because mine do, too! Thanks for letting me know.

  • Robbin

    Oh my, would I love to attend one of your workshops! My favorite way to introduce the names of the keys is through telling the “little house” and “big house” story. I’m sure you’re familiar with this. The little house is a dog house, and in it lives a dog who chases a cat. The dog better watch out, though, because an eagle is chasing him! Even my students who learn slowly seem to really catch on with this story. I follow that up with the Keyboard Race game that’s here on your blog somewhere. I wish teaching notes on the staff were as easy…

    • susanparadis

      Robbin, your story is cute! There are all kinds of stories. The one I use, the dog, cat, and elephant all live in the house together. The children always giggle about the absurd idea, but they always remember it. There are all kinds of cute stores I’ve heard about, and they really work! For older students, you can’t beat the Keyboard Race games I make all the cards for.

  • Priscilla Moffett

    colored clothes pins can be found where?

    • susanparadis

      Check just about anywhere that sells things like that. It’s hard to find the regular sized wooden ones anymore. If anyone knows where I can get those, let me know. I like to paint them and add glitter stickers!


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