Piano Camp 2018: Power Up Practice

Power Up Practice For years Elizabeth Gutierrez has hosted the popular Piano Camp for Piano Teachers. Every year Elizabeth gets requests for an on-line version so teachers around the globe can attend. As a sponsor and affiliate, I am proud to announce that Piano Camp for Piano Teachers is completely online this year! Power Up Practice is […]

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11 Ways to Improve Music Reading

To continue my series about students who have trouble reading music, I am sharing eleven ways to help your problem students improve their music reading skills. As I said last week, I’ve had some students with years of lessons who continue to have trouble sight-reading and identifying melodic intervals as they play. Of course these were […]

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Students Who Can’t Read Music
Helping piano students with learning problems

I have had students who can barely read music. I can’t blame it on the method book, the previous teacher, lack of parental support, or even lack of practice. I’ve been their sole teacher. I do everything I possibly can do. There is simply a disconnect between what is on the printed page and what […]

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