A Music Bingo Game for Begnners

Music Is Fun Bingo Game

Music Is Fun Direction Cards

Today’s Throwback Thursday is an easy music bingo game for beginners called Music Is Fun. The art is new, but the music symbols have not changed. There are 10 bingo boards and teacher direction (calling) cards included in this game. The boards are different colors and numbered to make it easier if students trade cards when they play again. If you have a large group or a summer camp, you will appreciate that!

I originally made this bingo game because I needed a very easy game for a group lesson with my beginning students. Most of the symbols in this game are terms students learn in the first pages of their lesson book. The piano keys are included in black key groups of two and three to help students understand that concept. Other terms are measure, bar line, treble clef, bass clef, beginning rhythm notes, notes in a line and space, tie, and a few more symbols.

If you are new to teaching, here are some hints when you play this game.

Don’t worry if your beginners don’t know all of the symbols. Help them out while they play and they will learn them. It’s perfectly OK to tell them the answer. Think of it as a guided learning activity. This isn’t  family game night; you’re trying to teach music concepts. Children learn faster in an activity than a page in a book.

I try to make sure they win as much as possible. Young children, because of their development stage, will not want to play if they don’t win often. Older students take winning and losing more in stride.

If I have a child in a group who really seems lost, I partner them with another helpful child and that really makes them feel a lot better. No child want to be the only one in the group who doesn’t get it.

Also, young children might not know what bingo is, so be prepared to show them how to play!


  • The bingo game board and direction cards.
  • Bingo tokens, enough for all the students to cover their game board
  • A bowl or other container for the calling cards


  • Print and cut out the bingo boards and the teacher direction cards.
  • Pass out bingo chips to each student. They can put one on the “Free” square before the game starts.
  • Place all the direction cards in a bowl. The teacher draws a card and calls out the letter on the card and the symbol.
  • If  students have that symbol under the correct letter, F, U, or N, they cover the square with a bingo token.
  • The first player to cover 3 in a row is the winner.
  • Students also like to play “black out,” where the first student to cover every square on their board is the winner.


  • To introduce new musical symbols and terms.
  • To reinforce musical symbols.


  • Students love Bingo.
  • With only 9 squares, this is a very fast bingo game.
  • Beginning students can play.


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2 thoughts to “Music Is Fun – The Easiest Music Bingo Game

  • Krista

    Hi Susan! the game isn’t able to load. I get an error message… something about an error with the Adobe. I was able to download the direction cards.

    • Susan Paradis

      Krista, it’s working on my end, so it might be something to do with your PDF reader.


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