Scarecrow Stomp Game

What do musical little scarecrows do when they get tired of chasing away crows? Well they stomp the acorn notes scattered over the field, or course! Well, at least in my imagination that’s what they do. This is a yet another version of my favorite game, and of course I made new cards, this time with an autumn theme. It’s kind of nostalgic, because I doubt few kids in the suburbs know what it’s like to bale hay. I have a lot of readers who DO live on a farm, plus a lot who have all these memories in their head. I know I do, and there is nothing like autumn on the farm. [Edited to fix the keyboard cards. There is now a B! You will need to refresh your screen for the updated version.]

The nice thing about fall activities is they can be used all the way through Thanksgiving. This is a good game for students who don’t celebrate Halloween. There is no Card of Doom, but there is a terrible card. Literally, it’s The Terrible Card!

The original file contains 7 pages:

  • The board game
  • The optional colorful back
  • Three pages of flash cards
  • Fun directional cards, including The Terrible Card

How to Print

  • Set your printer to landscape. For a crisp, good-looking game board, use photo paper and laminate.
  • Insert photo paper or card stock and print the game board. When the print box opens up, under “Pages to Print” select “Pages.” In the dialog box, type “1” because you are only printing the first page. Set it aside to dry.
  • Insert card stock to print the cards. Under “Pages to Print” select “Pages” again and type “2-6.” If you can only print one page of card stock at a time, type a different number for each page.
  • To print the back of the flash cards, re-insert the printed card pages so that you will be printing on the back. Under “Pages to Print” select “Pages” and type “7” because the 7th page is the colorful back. [To keep from wasting ink, be sure you know how to do this. See my FAQ.]
  • You may have this printed at a print shop. I can send you a release if you need it.


This game can be played with students only, or teacher and student. The players take turns drawing cards and moving to the correct alphabet name. Mix up the note cards with the instruction cards.  The game is over when a player draws any note card after the last D. I try to make sure the students win more than they lose, so sometimes I have to get creative! You can mix and match the cards to fit the students. If a student only knows a few notes on the staff, add the keyboard cards to extend the game. For pre-school children, help them say the music alphabet backwards by letting them read it backwards or omit this card if necessary.


  • To reinforce or learn note names on the staff
  • To learn the word “octave.”

This file is for personal use in your home or piano studio. Please do not share electronic files. My material is copyrighted. Do not post images on your website. Thanks!




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15 thoughts to “New! Scarecrow Stomp Game

  • Karen Manship

    Thanks so much for all the great resources, Susan. This game got rave reviews from my 6 1/2 year old student yesterday! She declared it more fun than all other board games ever. 🙂

    • Susan Paradis

      Really! Thanks for letting me know. Tell her I’m really glad she likes it and that I made it for students just like her!

  • Lara Willingham

    Susan, I love your games and the art work is exceptional. You do a great job! Thank you so much for sharing your work so freely. You’ve enhanced my piano studio immensely.

    • Susan Paradis

      And Lara, thank you for your support of the site and for your encouraging words! I’m just glad your students are able to enjoy the things I maKe!

  • Ann

    Thank you for sharing another great fun learning game with the usual fantastic graphics.

    • Susan Paradis

      Ann, thank you! I hope your students like it!

  • Susan

    I can’t get anything to print!

    • Susan Paradis

      Have you checked the FAQ? Without more information I can’t help you. Be sure to save the file before you try to print it. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader.

  • Phyllis

    Susan – Thank you for this wonderful autumn game. The art work is fantastic. It is great for my studio since it is fall centered and not Halloween (I have several students that do not participate and I don’t care for it either ). I really like the flexibility to do just a few staff cards and also the keyboard cards and love the “fun” cards!!! Thanks again!!

  • Deborah Meier

    Thanks, Susan, for yet another version of finding notes on the staff. These games work out great for a quick activity in the lesson.

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome, Deborah. I love to make games and I’m glad if they can help!

  • Robbin Jordan

    I’ve played every game around to help a student who can’t seem to learn her notes. Thanks for giving me fresh material!

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome, Robbin. We have to keep trying. Some children seem to take forever. Then some know the notes on worksheets or flashcards,but can play the on the page!

  • Diane Conway

    Thanks again for sharing your fabulous creativity!!!!

  • Judy Bigelow

    I so admire your creativity and ideas! Thanks for those of us who aren’t as creative and who appreciate the ways to make piano learning FUN!


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