Over the Rainbow Practice Activity

Over the Rainbow Practice Activity

If your students liked Stuck in the Tar Pits, try this one with your young girls. When I drew it, I was hoping to dazzle the girls with something they would really want to do, and so far my students have loved it. You will have to be the judge of what age girl in your studio will be interested, because all children are different.

Play this the way you play the Tar Pits game. Start with a measure or short phrase that the student is having difficulty mastering. Place a small pony figure (or anything you have on hand) on the first cloud. If the student plays correctly, she gets to move to the next cloud. If not, she stays put. When she has moved 3 times,  “Melody” the pony, gets to land in the soft clover and join her pony friends in the background. The student will learn that if she plays slowly and carefully, she will play it correctly. It’s certainly a more fun way to repeat a measure!

I had a few tiny My Little Pony figures that came with a kid’s meal I think,  hanging around the house. I use them for this activity, and the kids just love it! It’s fun to look for cute things you can use for piano games or even ask your piano families to think of you when they are cleaning out!

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10 thoughts to “Pony Over the Rainbow Practice Aid

  • Hannah

    Wow, that is so cute! Would it be possible to have a version that would require less ink? I love all of your resources!! Thank you so much. ~ Hannah

    • susanparadis

      Hannah, You are so very welcome!I’m so glad you like it!
      Try setting your printer to “fast” or some other setting that saves ink. I only print one copy for my studio, laminate it, and use it over again. You might want to ask your parents to print a copy to use at home!

  • Christal

    Hi Susan,
    I have printed and/or used many of our ideas in my teaching. I am wondering if you can refer me to an idea of how to teach playing by ear. I’ts a skill that came naturally to me but now I have several students who would like to be able to play choruses for church, etc using only chord names(F, C, etc.)Do you have any clue as to giving exercises or assignments to help this process? Thanks again for all you have shared, it has truly been a blessing.

    • susanparadis

      Christal, I play by ear, too. I have finally figured out a way to help students learn how to play by ear, also. Check out my Noteboys lead sheet poster. I’ll try to do a post on how I do it.

  • amdow

    This is so great – is sure to be a favourite with my little “princesses”! Our studio is full of your resources..thanks for your creative ideas!

  • Bethany

    You are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  • Nancy

    My little girls will LOVE this!

  • foxxpianostudio

    Love it! I’m very impressed that you did the artwork yourself. Can’t wait to use it! 🙂

  • carol dawn

    Ohhh, lovely, Susan!!
    Yes, am sure the pony girls will love this.
    No link yet, but no doubt it will be up very soon.
    Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to peek over your shoulder as you create these lavish aids!!
    Thanks, Carol

  • Deborah Freeman



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