Thanksgiving Pre-reading Set

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Colorful Thanksgiving music for beginners!

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🍂🦃Thanksgiving Music for Beginners😋🎹

This Thanksgiving Pre-reading Set includes 5 colorful songs and hymns that have been especially arranged for students who have not learned to read notes on a music staff. It is hard to find music for Thanksgiving at this level, especially music about the real meaning of Thanksgiving. So I arranged some hymns and also wrote some songs myself that would appeal to young students. Most of these songs reinforce the idea that Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for our blessings.

Large size finger numbers over big notes are on each page. You will notice there is no staff to confuse beginners. The left hand in every piece is highlighted in blue. Rhythms are simple using only quarter, whole, half and dotted half notes. There are no eighth notes or dotted quarter notes. One song uses the tune of I’m a Little Teapot which is fun for students. All of the songs have lyrics. There is a graphic on each page to show students where to put their hands. The hands do not shift but stay in one “near middle C” position. Each piece is only one page. These are great for sight reading and to get used to different hand positions.

If you are a parent or grandparent, these pieces are a great introduction to the piano. You will notice there is no staff to confuse beginners so you can concentrate on learning finger numbers and rhythm. These sheets are a confidence builder for beginners and excellent material to help learn the keyboard and to keep their eyes on the music.

This is a studio license, so a single teacher can print copies for their private students! 

Included are:
✔︎ Bless Us O Lord (traditional meal-time blessing for many families)
✔︎ Count Your Blessings (verse only)
✔︎ Father We Thank Thee For the Night 
✔︎ Hurray, Thanksgiving Day 
✔︎ I’m a Little Turkey

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Licensing/Terms of Use

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2 reviews for Thanksgiving Pre-reading Set

  1. Mary Tunnell

    These are great for my young beginning students. I love the shading for the left hand. the pictures and the words are cute too!

  2. Michelle Owens

    This is perfect for the new beginners at my studio. We love the selections ranging from spiritual to Turkeys!

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