Jingle Bells with Rhythm Instruments


Piano Solo with Rhythm Instruments and Bass Part!

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🎄🔔Jingle Bells with Rhythm Instruments is an early intermediate piano solo with optional parts for rhythm instruments and bass accompaniment. It will be perfect for your holiday piano party, group lesson, or recital!


The rhythm instrument parts are specially written to be simple enough for average students to sight read with no practice. That makes this a really fun, non-stressful activity for group lessons or even to given to audience members for a fun recital!  The piano solo can be assigned a week early to a capable student or parent or the teacher can play it. Practiced in advance, it also works well in a holiday performance. There is a repeat which is optional in performance.

The score calls for claves, jingle (sleigh) bells, sand blocks, and triangles. Use you creativity and change the instruments to what you have on hand. Or, improvise with homemade instruments such as spoons, sand in containers, etc.

This ensemble includes a simple bass part that can be played as an accompaniment to the piano solo using one hand. You can also use bells, keyboard, bass guitar, or any other tuned instrument. It can even be omitted and the ensemble still works fine.

Listen to Jingle Bells with piano and rhythm instruments

This is more than just a very fun activity. It also gives students valuable experience with accompanying and playing in an ensemble. For many children it is the first time they learn to read different instruments in a group.

This is a studio license, so a single teacher can print copies for their private students! 

Included are:
✔︎ The solo piano score (early intermediate)
✔︎ Bass score (elementary level-for any instrument)
✔︎ Clave score
✔︎ Sleigh bells score
✔︎ Triangle score
✔︎ Sandblock score
✔︎ Director’s score with all the parts)
✔︎ Optional color cover

Jingle Bells with Rhythm Instruments consists of eleven pages of PRINTABLE PDF files measuring 8.5 x 11 inches, divided into 4 documents. Please note that this listing does not include a physical item. After you order, go to your account to get your links. Once you have downloaded and saved your file, you may print it yourself or use a print shop of your choice. 

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Licensing/Terms of Use

Thank you for your purchase! These files are for your private use. You have permission to make copies for the students in your private studio only. Do not share with anyone outside of your studio. Each teacher and/or parent needs to make a separate purchase and not share with other teachers in a school or business. Contact me if you need a release for a festival or performance. The art is copyrighted and may be used only as included in the files. There are no refunds on digital products. Please see the FAQ for complete licensing requirements. Contact me if you have problems and I will be happy to help you.

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