Shooting Star

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Your late elementary students will love Shooting Star, with its “easy, sounds hard” patterns in several 5 finger positions. The music zips along with varying articulations of slur, staccato, and legato patterns. This piece will motivate students to move out of one position and move up a notch in their technique. There are no finger crossings or tricky rhythms. Shooting Star is a good piece for the hard-to-please pre-teen. The tempo is spirited and requires some ability to play fast eighth note patterns. Late elementary students in method books “2B” usually have no problems. Fingering, dynamics, and articulations are carefully marked.

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This is a studio license, so a single teacher can make unlimited copies.

Shooting Star is an 3-page PRINTABLE PDF file measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. The file includes the 3-page score and a color cover which is optional to print. If you do not want to print the cover, set your printer to print pages 2 -3 only. Please double-check the email you use as well as your PayPal account email, so PayPal will send the file to your correct email address. Your completed file will be found in your account. It will also be emailed to you. Once you have downloaded your file, you may print it yourself or use a print shop of your choice. Please note that this listing does not include a physical item. If you do not receive your file soon after you place your order, check the email address on your PayPal account and the email address you use on this site. If you like this piece, please consider leaving a review on the product page! Thank you.

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2 reviews for Shooting Star

  1. Mary Tunnell

    My late elementary level students love this piece. I love the variety of articulations and it is good practice for shifting hand positions. This piece is played on my recitals every year.

  2. cynthia

    I’ve bought a lot of music from you through the years, but you’ve outdone yourself with this collection of pieces. My teen students are going to love them!

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you so much, Cynthia!

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