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Recital Program Template  (Open in Word)

Piano teachers usually make their own recital programs, but it is really helpful to have a template. Since Christmas recitals are coming up, this post contains a template for Word that is easy to edit and use in your studio recital. I am also posting two pages of holiday art made to fit your program. If you are printing a lot of copies on your home printer, you will appreciate the minimal use of ink. These programs are a full 8 1/2 x 11 page, but I plan to post some folded template pages soon.


  • The heading font is Berkshire SwashDownload the free font used for the heading from Google Fonts.  If you don’t know how to download fonts, now is the time to make a pecan pie to entice some handy computer person over to your house to download some fonts on your computer! Be sure to make a list of the ones you want to download, because a pecan pie is too good to waste on a single font! 🙂
  • The text font is Calibri (Windows) or Myriad Pro (Mac), so check to see if you have one of those fonts. If not, download Open Sans from Google Fonts.
  • Open the Editable Recital Template in Word for Windows. Duplicate the document and save a copy for future use.
  • To use the template, select your tab key to tab across each line. Type over what I have written. If you find one of your song titles is too long, you can either reduce the font size slightly of only that title, or you can reduce the font size of the entire table.
  • The light gray lines for the table will not show up when printed. If you do not see the table lines, which are really helpful, you can select “view guidelines” in the table layout menu. If you have less students, delete the text you do not need.
  • Remember you can edit all the text, so at the bottom you might want to say “Thank You” or “Happy Holidays,” or you can delete it. Change the heading to the name of your recital.
  • Using 8 1/2 x 11 paper, print the number of pages of the art page you need. Most teachers print about 3 or 4  pages for each student playing. It’s better to have extra than not enough.
  • Insert the art page back into your printer and print a test page of your Word document to check if it prints on the correct side.
  • If it looks good, print all the pages you need.
  • For more than 18 students, modify the Word template by deleting the header and footer.

An option to using the art I made is to buy some pretty holiday stationary, which you can find at office supply stores. Take a copy of the Word document while you shop.




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