It’s that time of the year! ⌛️ The One Minute Club is an incentive to “say and play” notes on the grand staff in one minute or less. This is the activity I do each year so students learn how to quickly find notes on the piano keys. Once they can do it, I give them a “membership” card and put the card in a clear plastic badge holder and attach it to their music bags.

I heard about the idea from the late Jane Bastien years ago, and changed it around to fit with my studio.

This video looks kind of dry because I edited it for length, but in real life we laugh a lot and have fun.

The challenge for me is flipping the cards really fast without notes flying all over the place! I find it easier to use mini flash cards, so I’m including a link for some. There are also some mini ledger line cards on my free archives, located under “teaching aids.”

Teachers often ask me questions about the rules, but since you are the teacher, you get to decide how many cards the students use. There are no national standards! If they can play 7 or 8 cards in a minute, that is really good for some students! You can have a different amount of cards for each grade level. To be successful, prepare for this months in advance with all kinds of note reading activities. If you can’t make this a fun activity, it’s not for you! 😉

How to Print

Download and save the file in Adobe Reader, a free program that is the gold standard for PDF printables.

To print these cards, use an 8.5″ x 11″ pre-perforated 2″ x 3.5″ business card template, 10 cards to a page. This year I made the cards with extra ink printed around the individual card (called the “bleed”) in case the cards don’t print evenly. Home printers are often slightly “off”, and even 1/8″ can be noticed, so I hope this helps.

It you are using a business card template, is very important that your printer settings are correct or the cards will not fit inside the perforations. “Page sizing & handling” should be set to “actual size” and not “fit” or “page scaling.”

If you don’t have pre-perforated business cards or you have A4 cardstock, there are hash mark cutting lines on the edges of the page. Using a ruler, connect the hash marks with a pencil to make cutting lines.

The One Minute Club is an incentive to "say and play" notes on the grand staff in one minute or less. Print the card and attach it to their book bag!
This One Minute Club certificate is for students who can "say and play" notes on the grand staff in one minute or less.

This One Minute Club challenge chart is to record students' progress for reaching their goals.

Click here for the 2019 business size cards.

Click here for the 2019 certificate.

Click here for the 2019 challenge chart. 

Click here for the free Small Flashcards

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4 thoughts to “2019 One Minute Club Cards

  • Stephanie

    Thanks, Susan! I’ve been using this idea with my studio this year (I call it the “60 second challenge:). We do the challenge once a month and keep track of how many cards the kids get through. They really enjoy seeing their progress through the year. It’s been a very positive experience!

    • Susan Paradis

      I’m glad to know it’s been a positive experience. I like the way you are consistent and don’t try to rush through. That’s the way they will have long term memory, rather than learn and forget!

  • Susan Paradis

    Thanks, Kelly!

  • Kelly Larkin

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been using the Bastien One Minute Club in my studio for several years. I appreciate some “fresh” ideas.


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