This 12-page set is a game or worksheets for students to find the 12 notes around middle C.

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle One

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle Two

Today’s Thursday Throwback Animal Alphabet Search and Find reviews only the twelve notes around C position. Are these pages a game or a worksheet? Well, they can be used for both!

You can play it as a hands-on activity for students to put tokens on the featured note. Or it can be a worksheet to review how fast students can find notes. Each page is for a single note, making it very user-friendly for students who get overwhelmed with a lot of notes. You can use only one page at a lesson, so it is a fast game.

Originally I made this game for a student with some learning problems. The only way she could manage was to have a grand staff page with the names of the notes to refer to. However, even that helped her learn to distinguish the notes and she was so happy to be successful. We used the Write the Grand Staff page, and filled out the notes we needed before we played the game. My goal is for students to be successful and from the comments and email I receive, that is your goal, too.

The following rules are for the hands-on activity. If you use these pages as a worksheet, print and place in clear sheet protectors and use an erasable pen. The student will see how fast he/she can circle the featured note.

This is a really good activity to use with method books that introduce a few notes at a time so you can use a page after each note is introduced. I also used it for learning different featured notes. This is something a parent or grandparent can do to help their student or maybe at a music camp!

The student is using a frog plush animal to learn the note F on the staff.


  • The page you wish to use.
  • Bingo chips or small tokens you have on hand.


  • Print the page with the note you wish to review.
  • Place bingo chips next to the game board.
  • Instruct the student to find and cover all the featured notes on the page.

Directions for other ways to use the game

  • For older students, use a timer to see how fast they can cover the featured note.
  • Hand the student flash cards one at time, covering only the featured note. (They give the cards back to you.)
  • Open these pages on an iPad and let the students circle the correct notes.


  • To learn how to visually identify notes on the staff.
  • To improve fine motor skills in the fingers by picking up the small game tokens.


  • Preschool and elementary ages.

Why I like this activity

  • It is fast and easy and does not take much time in a piano lesson.
  • The animals on the graphic are the animals that I use to teach notes on the keyboard.
  • Students like it.
  • The printable can be used more than one way.
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