Color the Bunny

Color the Bunny

The younger the beginning student, the more they need reinforcement on concepts they have learned. Just because they know it today doesn’t mean they will remember it tomorrow! This is why some piano teachers get frustrated teaching younger children. You have to set your frustration meter very high!

With that in mind, I created a little puzzle for students to color in order to reinforce the names of the keys. One of my students loves bunnies, and around the Easter season is a good time for coloring bunnies.

This worksheet is in black and white for those of you without access to a color printer, or if you want to save ink. (The green watermark is not on the copy you will print.) I hope your young students enjoy coloring this. I know I have one who will!


  • To reinforce the names of piano keys
  • To practice fine motor skills and writing letter names
  • To enjoy a seasonal activity


  • Preschool and elementary age children to about 3rd grade


  • Worksheet
  • Crayons (brown can be substituted for pink)
  • Pencil

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5 thoughts to “Bunny to Color Piano Keys


    Hi Susan
    you are a genius!!!! love everything ! Do you have a song or worksheet that is SPRING oriented? Some of my students in the USA are NOT religious so I wish to play Spring-time piano music . If anything comes to mind please let me know….. Thank you so much! Teresa Reid Bonzagni

  • Melody Payne

    Love this! Will be using it today and tomorrow with two girls who started lessons just last month. Perfect timing, and such a cute activity for them! Thanks so much for sharing! I love the way you list the objectives, ages, and materials. Would you mind if I did the same on my blog entries?

    • susanparadis

      Melody, thank you so much! About the objective I post, I had to do this for each class I taught when I was a music education teacher. It would be great if you could come up with a better way to do it than me! Mine looks a little awkward because of the limitation of Maybe your blog has a better way to format things. Anyway, it is an honor for you to ask.

      • Melody Payne

        I thought they looked like music education terms 🙂 Spent a bit of time there myself, and always enjoyed labeling everything. Your labels look great, and I’ll see what I can come up with on my blog. Thanks for the permission! I certainly didn’t want to do it without mentioning it to you first.

        • susanparadis

          Thanks, Melody. I look forward to seeing your blog!


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