Christmas Tree Vocabulary

Vocabulary: Christmas or Music

This is a fun sheet where students circle the music vocabulary words and not the words that are associated with Christmas around the world.

After I finally finished and made the PDF image, I left out Feliz Navidad. If I do this over, I’ll find a way to put it in as well as some words from Asia.   I have “manger” listed in at least 3 languages. I tried to use some words from  the countries that have a lot of readers of this blog. If I left off your favorites, let me know.

If Christmas words inside a tree looks familiar to you, I got the idea from a Land’s End catalog.  But I thought of the music worksheet and all the words myself.

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3 thoughts to “Christmas Tree Music Vocabulary

  • Alice

    Cute! I notice that you have “third” on twice…if you get around to editing this, perhaps you could change to another interval.

    • susanparadis


      Thank you so much for letting me know! Can you believe you’re the first teacher who noticed? None of my students noticed! I hope I get it fixed by next Christmas!


  • anneliese hymer

    Love this! I know the students will too!! Thanks for doing this one!


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