Color Mr. Turkey

Color the Feathers is another worksheet I made for students who are waiting for their lesson or waiting on a parent.  You might notice it is the same turkey I drew before, but this time I added color. I am planning on posting a black and white version tomorrow, and then the student can color the entire page.

You might wonder why I make so many worksheet. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the Texas State Theory Test requires that all grades, including 6 year olds in 1st grade, know all the notes on the grand staff. When I first started giving the test, this really challenged me because I was used to only teaching a few notes at a time, and never the entire staff to beginners. Getting something changed in a state as big as Texas is like moving Stonehenge. In my opinion, the test should phase in notes until all are introduced in the third grade. When I say grades, I literally mean the student’s grade in school. The students can’t get a medal or award unless they take it on the level of their actual school *grade*. Older beginners may take it at a lower grade, but there is no medal so almost always my students want to take it at their grade level.  I am curious how other states run their tests. The up side is that my students really know theory well and it pays off in their musicality.

However, these kinds of tests are run by hardworking volunteers who do their best to appease the views of thousands of teachers. Every teacher approaches theory differently, and think their way is best. Texas is a big state and I am thankful for the teachers who work so hard to make the test possible.

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2 thoughts to “Color the Feathers

  • Bridget Parker

    Hi Susan! Is there a version of this Color the Feathers Turkey that has notes on the bass clef?

    • Susan Paradis

      Bridget, I think all I have is posted. Thanks for asking!


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