Halloween Card with Pencil

Halloween Card

Fall Bookmarks

[Today’s Throwback Thursday is a cute piano Halloween card and a Fall music bookmark. The Halloween card has art from my beginning autumn and fall games and music. Check out my music store for more Halloween and mysterious sounding music. The following is the original post, slightly edited.]

Throwback Thursday Halloween and Fall cards for your students.

Here is a simple Halloween card you can give to your students the month. All you have to do is print it on card stock and cut out. Then, using a ruler as a guide, cut the two light-colored lines on the cards with a craft knife. These slits will be where you will insert a pencil. I found these easy to cut out because there are no little tiny bits to cut around!

Very inexpensive holiday pencils are available at nearby dollar stores. The ones I’m using are 12 pencils for a dollar.

Alternately, you can insert a lollipop or a glow stick which can also be found in packs at dollar stores.  You can also tape a piece of candy instead of using a pencil.

If you or your students prefer Autumn related activities, above is a link to some fall-themed bookmarks. If you’ve been following my blog for a long time, you will recognize them. Write a short message and tape some candy on the back. There are four bookmarks on the page and with all straight lines, they are easy to cut out with a paper-cutter.

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