Deck the Hall Late Elementary

Christmas Store

The other day I was looking for an arrangement of this for one of my students and I couldn’t find the level I needed,  so I wrote one.

Here is a word of advice for non-piano teachers reading this who might want to print it out for themselves or their children. While this looks very easy, playing different melody lines in each hand like I wrote in this piece is a skill that takes a lot of practice for most children.  If they have not done it before, they will probably get frustrated. There are also some finger crossings,  changes of positions, and dotted quarter notes which a lot of first and second year students have not been taught.  I do not suggest giving this to an elementary student in his first year of piano. If a student can play the C Major scale hands together, he is probably ready for this.

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3 thoughts to “Deck the Halls — Late Elementary

  • A Cassil

    I have given this arrangement to three of my students and they all loved it! One of my students said she really liked it because it sounded more difficult than it was. She was excited to go home and play it for her mom.
    Thanks so much! You are so generous!

  • Carol Dawn

    She loved it! Was able to cross over without too much difficulty; the moving under was more of a problem. Thanks again.

  • Carol Dawn

    Will use this lovely Christmas song today with my only student who is secure with the C position. Will let you know how she manages.
    Thanks much!


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