Throwback Thursday is a weekly review of free material from Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources.

Today’s Throwback Thursday features a set of worksheets to help students learn how to draw notes using an iPad or other mobile tablet. There are so many apps available for mobile devices that you can use your favorite. I have presented sessions at numerous workshops to demonstrate how to use Notability (for the iPad) and Note Anytime (for a multitude of devices) and they are good for piano lessons. I don’t have an updated tutorial on my site at the present time, but nowadays you can find tutorials on YouTube. Be sure the tutorial is up to date, however!

Originally I made this set of note drawing instructions because at the time I had a lot of young beginners and we used my iPad to learn how to draw notes. The secret to using an iPad in your lessons is to have everything loaded and ready to open so you are not fumbling around wasting time. Just like everything in teaching, you have to prepare your lessons in advance and have it all ready to go.

If you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, an agreeable student, or a friendly neighbor child to practice with, it really helps to make the actual lesson work smoother. This is true for games and all off the bench activities. Don’t you agree? 😇🎶

All of these images are standard PDF’s, so you can print them if you wish. Warning: Use your system dialog box to make sure your printer is set to LANDSCAPE orientation or you will waste a lot of paper.

To download these free worksheets, click on each image below.

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